Joe Goldman Brings His “A” Game to Israel

The Jerusalem Business Networking Forum  is  jewel in the crown of  Jerusalem’s business community.  I love this group, since there are so many positive, energetic and creative people who make up this group.  JBNF  is run by by volunteers and uses  its various events – lectures, panels, discussions and fairs – to facilitate meaningful mutually beneficial business contacts.

Last week, JBNF met at Canada House just behind City Hall, in the Capital.  It was a very busy night and there were many new faces and new entrepreneurial participants making connections. It was sort of like “Speed Dating” for business. It was fast paced and very intense with lots of business cards getting exchanged.

This time, I had the pleasure of meeting a refined new oleh named Joe (Yosef) Goldman.  He has been in Israel just under a year, hailing from New York. After nurturing the dream of Aliyah since his days at Kerem B’Yavneh and sensing the timing was right. he and his family came on Aliyah and settled in Jerusalem.

Much of Goldman’s NY career centered around Wall Street – working with prestigious companies like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and other top banks in New York. He was responsible for streamlining businesses and management systems. He re-engineered many existing operations.

He has  a particular gift for integrating multiple teams from different sectors. He is comfortable whether it be troubleshooting management issues, hardware, software, application development, determining budgets as well as creating general best practices policies. Goldman has a finely-honed ability to see the “end to end” products and processes necessary to meet a company’s goals.

Goldman has the skills of a seasoned Project Manager and yet he has something more – analytical skills that have led him, in his short time here, to be sought after by two Israeli start-ups. His consulting business has enabled him to ” break down the silos” and increase company profits. His strongest abilities are business analysis and project management. He is the complete package….and bilingual.

At the end of the day, the measure of whether a business is a successful is in the shekels. If you are looking to add a team member or to hire Joe as a consultant, he can increase your efficiency, save you money and increase your profits.

If you would like to contact Joe Goldman he can be reached at: 058-677-3387 or

On behalf of the Jerusalem Business Networking Forum, we’d like to welcome Joe to the community. He shares our goal of creating jobs in Israel through strong and competitive companies.


About A Settler's Dream: My Life in Israel

I am an immigrant to Israel. I am the mother of a combined total of 7 children and several son-in-laws and a daughters-in-law and 14 grandchildren so far - keninahora. Our family has a tradition of public service, education and business. I am made aliyah in the summer of 2011 to Israel - a 37 year dream. I am a 360 degree networker and enjoy helping business people find their missing piece. The missing piece may be a lead, a connection or a resource that creates a business breakthrough. What is your missing piece?
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